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errors inside 3 msec interval for ESF indicators and 0.75 msec

for D4 signals. RFC 1406 DS1/E1 MIB January 1993

Path Coding Violation (PCV) Error Event

A Path Coding Violation error event is a body

synchronization bit error in the D4 and E1-noCRC formats,

or a CRC error in the ESF and E1-CRC codecs. For instance, Loss of Frame is defined more rigorously in the ESF

specification than within the D4 specification, however it is outlined in

each. D Network Side thirteen

For this example, ifNumber is equal to 5. Note the next

description of dsx1LineIndex: the dsx1LineIndex identifies a DS1

Interface on a managed gadget. The

index dsx1LineIndex is used to not only signify the DS1 interfaces

external from the host/DS1-device combination, but additionally the DS1

interfaces connecting the host and the DS1 machine. These indices

are dsx1IfIndex and dsx1LineIndex. The index

dsx1IfIndex is always equal to ifIndex. The dsx1IfIndex column of the DS1 Configuration table relates every

DS1 interface to its corresponding interface (ifIndex) in the

Internet-normal MIB (MIB-II STD 17, RFC 1213).

External & Internal interface situation: the SNMP Agents resides on an

host external from the system supporting DS1 interfaces (e.g., a


D Network Side 7

3.2. Objectives of this MIB Module

There are quite a few things that could possibly be included in a MIB for DS1

indicators: the administration of multiplexors, CSUs, DSUs, and the like. There are a number of internet sites which are generally known as ‘comparability portals’ provide you the power to match several offers at a single place. Otherwise, quantity the

dsx1LineIndices with an unique identifier following the principles of

choosing a quantity higher than ifNumber and numbering inside

interfaces (e.g., gear facet) with even numbers and outdoors

interfaces (e.g., community facet) with odd numbers. The intent of this document is to facilitate the widespread management of

all devices with DS1 interfaces. If

the definition in this document doesn’t match the definition in the

ANSI T1M1.3/92-005R1 draft doc, the implementer ought to follow

the definition described in this document. Excessive Zeroes (EXZ) Error Event

An Excessive Zeroes error PG WALLET วอเลท event for an AMI-coded signal

is the prevalence of greater than fifteen contiguous zeroes. 3.3.1. Error Events

Bipolar Violation (BPV) Error Event

A BPV error event for an AMI-coded sign is the

incidence of a pulse of the identical polarity because the

earlier pulse.

Line Coding Violation (LCV) Error Event

A Line Coding Violation (LCV) is the incidence of either

a Bipolar Violation (BPV) or Excessive Zeroes (EXZ) Error

Event. A BPV error occasion for a B8ZS- or HDB3-

coded signal is the prevalence of a pulse of the same

polarity as the earlier pulse without being a part of

the zero substitution code. Controlled Slip (CS) Error Event

A Controlled Slip is the replication or deletion of the

payload bits of a DS1 body. 3.3.2. Performance Defects

Out Of Frame (OOF) Defect

An OOF defect is the incidence of a specific density

of Framing Error occasions. A Controlled Slip doesn’t trigger an Out of Frame

defect. A Controlled Slip may be

performed when there is a difference between the timing

of a synchronous receiving terminal and the acquired

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