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2.1. Format of Definitions

Section 4 accommodates comprises the specification of all object varieties

contained in this MIB module. 2.2. Changes from RFC 1232

The changes from RFC 1232 are the following:

(1) This MIB module contains three groups: DS1 Near End Group

which is necessary, DS1 Far End Group which is non-obligatory,

and the Fractional Table, which is non-obligatory. This value for

this object is equal to the value of ifIndex from the

Interfaces desk of MIB II (STD 17, RFC 1213).

(5) an object has been added (dsx1TransmitClockSource) to

indicate the source of transmit clock. Therefore, the

MIB documented in RFC 1232 shouldn’t be applied. Network Working Group F. Baker

Request for Comments: 1406 Advanced Computer Communications

Obsoletes: 1232 J. Watt

Newbridge Networks Corporation


January 1993

Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS1 and E1 Interface Types

Status of this Memo

This RFC specifies an IAB standards track protocol for the Internet

community, and requests dialogue and strategies for improvements. Books and paperwork on how to use the Internet are available at your local

bookstore, library, and, of course, online on the internet.

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Do not buy a motherboard that doesn’t come with a guide that clearly specifies what speed SIMMs are required at every clock rate. The title is an object identifier, an

administratively assigned title, which specifies an object sort. The

object sort together with an object instance serves to uniquely

establish a selected instantiation of the object. This object

is the identifier of a DS1 Interface on a device. A new

object has been added called dsx1LoopbackConfig, which

better describes the loopback capabilities of a DS1

interface on a device. This object

better describes the status (e.g., failure state and

loopback state) of a DS1 interface. 8) The outline of line alarm standing has changed. Please refer to the current edition of the “IAB Official Protocol

Standards” for PG WALLET วอเลท the standardization state and standing of this protocol. SNMP, the protocol used for

community access to managed objects. 50

1. The Network Management Framework

The Internet-standard Network Management Framework consists of three


SMI, the mechanisms used for

describing and naming objects for the aim of management. In particular, it defines objects for managing DS1 Interfaces —

together with both T1 and E1 (a.okay.a., CEPT 2 Mbit/s) hyperlinks. The Framework permits new objects to be outlined for the aim of

experimentation and analysis. The ASN.1 language is used for

this objective. ASN.1

constructs which may be used. PUB 54016 define ways to change this

information over information links; vendors may use other

proprietary means to do that on numerous link varieties.403 and PUB 54016 outline methods to trade this

information over knowledge links; distributors could use different

proprietary means to do this on varied link varieties. For human

comfort, we often use a textual string, termed the object

DESCRIPTOR, to also refer to the article sort. The encoding of an object type is solely how that object type is

represented using the item kind’s syntax. Encoding is how the article type

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